The Sparsh Special School

The smile of a child makes one forget every worry of the world but some people consider special children different from the others. Sure, they are a little bit different in the aspect of their physical or mental deformity but other than that, their innocence, cuteness and charm is alike. They are termed as ‘special’ because they too have a special purpose in life like all of us. Their unique personalities and charm can make you forget their deformities. In fact in some ways, they are better than the normal children as they are usually emotionally very strong. But the society does not just let them be. They are denied education at normal schools and are badly treated by many. This is why there is so much to be done for their welfare and upliftment. The child care society in Delhi NCR believes that we must give them a better chance at life and several measures must be taken to educate them. There have to be more schools for special children in Delhi that can open the doors of knowledge for these amazing special children so that the world can see what all they are capable of.

How can an NGO help in the mission of promoting special children?
In every region of the world, especially in the developing countries like India, laying the foundation of NGOs is really important for the wellbeing of the society. An NGO stands for a ‘Non-Governmental Organization’ that is not a structural part of the government. In other words, these are private organizations working towards promoting the interests of the poor or those who are in need. They perform a variety of humanitarian services and bring the concerns of a particular section of the society in the notice of the government authorities. One of such renowned NGOs is Sparsh that is established by a section of child care society in Delhi / NCR. This amazing school for special children in Delhi is working brilliantly towards their upliftment and helping them in leading an independent life.

NGOs like Sparsh are doing a spectacular job in uplifting the special children of our country
There are some social workers, enthusiasts and volunteers who have a strong willingness to devote a fine part of their energy and resources to fulfil their corporate social responsibility. The role of an NGO in developing a nation is significant as it brings out the best in the lesser fortunate. These NGOs give out their best efforts with a modest support from the government and the child care society in Delhi NCR. Many small steps, if paired together, can bridge big differences and our NGOs are proving this by their constant efforts.

Here is a school for special children in Delhi that gives us hope
Sparsh, an NGO for special children, is also working wonders in bringing education to the doors of the children who are needy and ignored. It gives hope for a brighter tomorrow for these special children, who are more sensitive and understanding than the normal ones in many aspects. If given optimum care and support, these special children can climb new heights with high confidence. A massive effort by the child care society in Delhi NCR, Sparsh offers various therapies and services to improve the health of these children.

It is our duty as a society to help such NGOs in shaping our nation with a touch of care and concern. If not much, we can spare some important days of our lives to volunteer in such special schools and gift some knowledge, essential commodities and our precious time to the special children. Special children at Sparsh also make several useful products to raise funds for their school. Their products feature an impeccable quality and their favouritism amongst people is rising higher day by day. It is overwhelming to see this incredible school for special children in Delhi prosper and we wish it all the best for the future endeavours.